Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I Ride The Rails

One benefit of catching MetroNorth to class three times per week is the rail journey along the majestic Hudson River. Those lucky (this kind of lucky) enough to have waterfront property may take this for granted but it is truly spectacular to travel 30 or so miles south along it.

However, I worry about the Hudson line because of global warming. What has global warming got to do with a river?????? The Hudson is effected by tides, it is estuarial. When the tide rises out past the Verazano straights, water backs up for over 100 miles upstream. What all this means is that as global warming melts more and more of the worlds glaciers and icecaps and as the oceans of the world warm up and expand they will combine to form a giant liquid dam. This dam will cause increasing amounts of water to back up the Hudson.

The most appealling part of the Hudson line train service is that the train literally rides inches above the mean waterline. So one day as I'm heading down the line to the incredible Micah Sifrey University my train will be terminally delayed due to water covering the tracks.


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