Saturday, April 29, 2006

Real Americans

Coming home on MetroNorth from class on Wednesday evening andI saw the Americans I thought I would meet before I came to America. A little boy, maybe 2nd or 3rd grade, was travelling with who I assume was his older brother. The train (probably because of the $72.89 per gallon gas prices) was packed and the boys were sitting next to me on the floor where I was standing. The little guy pulled out his homework and started to do his math. About 10 minutes in and he was struggling and looked to his big brother to give him a helping hand. Unfortunately, big bro' was no assistance at all...then the real America stepped in. A man dressed in a suit and reading the Wallstreet Journal bent over and helped the little guy out with the tough question. Next question same result except another man lent a helping hand. In all about 90% of this boys homework was worked out by 6 or 7 total strangers and I have to admit i was pretty impressed that so many people were willing to help this little guy with his problems. This is the America I was impressed with when I was a child growing up in Scotland and Australia. The America that would happily reach out and help the little guy.



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