Saturday, May 13, 2006

"I Reject ...Jerry Falwell", but I'll speak at his bullshit University!!

McCain the so called "Maverick" of the Republican party showed how "maverick" he can be yesterday. After attacking Jerry Falwell and his Bullshit University (yes, I did write BULLSHIT UNIVERSITY) for hijacking the Republican party and leading it astray, the wild man of politics has put down his flaming six-shooters and given Falwell a sloppy big french kiss (yes, I did write that they swapped saliva).

Isn't it awesome to see the straight talk express has pulled into ''rightwingbaseville". Now McCain can't deny hat he will run for president because right at this minute he is bent over a table somewhere in Lynchburg Virginia showing how much respect he has for the lunatic right evangelist\ base of the Republican party.

McCain you are a fake! You are a phony! You are a pandering politician with no integrity!

You were right the first time, Falwell and Co. are "...agents of intolerance...a force of evil."

Remember he is the jerk that derailed the straight talk express by telling his redneck followers that you had a black baby. (McCain has an adopted Asian child.)

How can you now stand up in front of cameras and extoll any virtue about this cretinous xenophobe (yes, I said Falwell is a Xenophobe!)

Have the same balls you had in Hanoi when you underwent years of torture and deprivation. Stand up and show them that they no longer have an office in the Whitehouse.

For christ sake, JUST STAND UP!!!!!!!!


Blogger Travis said...

Scott --

Are you sure the "balls" returned home from Hanoi?

Sun May 14, 03:59:00 PM

Blogger Condor Schmitt said...

Travis I have no solid tangible evidence either way. If you can tell me something then do tell....

Tue May 23, 09:41:00 PM


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