Friday, May 12, 2006

John Stossel is a WANKER!!!!

Some points he raises in his new book the name of which I refuse to quote here in case there is the slightest possibility of him selling one more copy.

Minimum wage is fine where it is. Raising it will mean people will lose jobs because employers can't afford to pay someone $6.00 per hour. According to John, "minimum wage jobs are an oppurtunity."
First of all, any employer paying $6.00 per hour better be a hamburger store (who damn well can afford to pay their employees much more) or hiring illegal immigrants. Either way they are not laying off workers even if the minimum wage goes to $10.00 per hour. Raising the minimum wage is GOOD for the economy. People earning this amount of money do not spend it on French pefume, Italian sportscars or Russian prostitutes. No, these people use their pay to pay ConEd, gasoline for their car (or comutation fares), food for themselves and their children and HEALTHCARE. Boy John you really like to screw the little guys, the battling families don't you. Workers earning minimum wage often do not recieve health benefits from their employer so a substantial amount of their pay goes to making sure they are well.

Second hand smoke doesn't kill anyone. I guess all of the studies by those guys in white lab coats must be bullshit. I wonder why they would make up their results?

Sweat shops are a great oppurtunity for people overseas. This one I can't even comment on.

Gasoline is cheap. Actually on this he is correct. Compare to Europe gasoline is 50 to 80% cheaper here. But then again John, gasoline in Venezuela costs 12c per gallon. So I guees you are partly right and mostly wrong.

I guess gasoline is cheap for people like John Stossel who are given car service by their employer and who earns a sizable salary, gets health benefits and doesn't haveto worry about his kids dying from second hand smoke. Then again the really lucky people are those minimum wage workers who spend 50% of their wage paying for gasto get themselves to an 'oppurtunity.'

Heroin should be legalized. We really have a problem with drugs and kids getting their hands on meth, crack, coke, etc. Sure, legalise pot, but heroin????? Are you a drug dealer John?

Outsourcing is good for America because it creates better jobs here. I would recommend that you never visit my friend Alan Pittman in Rochester NY John. He will rip that 'stache off of your face and feed it to you with a side order of your eyeballs for saying that. Alan worked 26 years for the GM plant in Rochester. He was retrenched when his factory was closed and sent to Mexico along with 50,000 other jobs. His great new job John? Picking golf balls on a driving range. How is a 55 year old man who has lived in Rochester NY his whole life and who has a high school diploma (thats all you needed to get a good paying job under the Nixon administration) supposed to find this mythical 'better job?' Who wants to hire a 55 year old when the plant let go thousands of men and women decades younger than Alan?

John Stossel doesn't live in the real world. John Stossel obviously has never seen the results in Rochester or Flint Michigan. John Stossel has never worked in a sweat shop. John Stossel has never lived on minimum wage. John, being a contrarian brings attention and can be humorous but you are just being a Wanker.


Blogger Travis said...

I had an internship at ABC News and was placed right with John and his production team on specials.

Though a journalist, John has a questionable investigative methodology: here is my opinion, now go prove it.

Sun May 14, 04:01:00 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


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