Thursday, May 11, 2006

On Catherine's Comment.

My friend Catherine Skelly from Cynical Streak made a comment (at least someone leaves comments, thanks Catherine love the site btw) that:

If there was a C.S.A., their third world citizens would be scrambling under barbed wire in the night to get low-paying lawncare jobs in the more affluent North (she says wistfully...)

Its an interesting idea to run out a little, go long and I'll throw out a spiral.

1. CSA had no (or very little) industry whereas the North was already one of the most industrialised areas of the world. Obviously, the CSA would have had to play catch up but to be honest most of he southern population worked on small farms. Sure with the invention of the gin mill blacks/slaves would have probably fond work in the factories. Interestingly this may have eventually led to higher pay for the sothern black population as they learn skills and the white population stayed on the farms.

2. A conflict would have been inevitible as both countries grew into the western states.

3. A succession of southerners would never have become President of the USA. Imagine a country in which neither George Bush could be elected, no Reagan, no Newt Gingrich (what kind of parent names their kid Newt?) no bullshit.

What a country this could have been. When I see the retarded cowboy from Connecticut I have to wonder, who actually won the Civil War?


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