Wednesday, May 17, 2006

We're smarter than the Brazilians...right? Ahh....

I'm sure we all remember the Simpson's episode where Homer crashed his car after a drunken binge. While not condoning drunken driving (stay sober kids!) I liked his idea of shopping around for a deal on a new car (he actually totalled his own and his wife's car in the same accident). Before settling on a gas sucking SUV that could be used as a snowplow (MR.Plow) he talked to a representative about an ethanol powered car. Homer's idea was that he could fill his car and (ethanol being also known as alcohol) fill himself at the same time...back to the drunk driving.

Make no mistake, ethanol is going to be the short term fix to bothglobal warming and making people who hate us rich. Ethanol will make millionaires in the midwest. I have already told you of my beligerance toward SUV drivers, they are supporting Islamo-terrorist organizations therefore they are unpatriotic, no, traitors!!!!

If these people want to become Americans again then they should support American industry by buying American, both vehicle and fuel.

More on Ethanol to come.....


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