Friday, February 17, 2006

The Rain in Spain Falls Mainly on Muslims, But Not in New York

Just a quick update.

We all laugh at 'The Far Side' cartoons and 'Garfield' etc. But we all realize that there are no 'dobbi-o-matics' or lasagne eating giant orange cats. So why the hubbub over the Mohammed cartoon?

Over the last few weeks We have seen upset Muslims burning every Danish embassy they can get their hands on. Along with the violent reaction we have also watchedhundreds of thousands of peaceful Muslims marching all across the Muslim world. SO????

Today, 17th February, we watch as a huge Muslim rally decends upon Manhattan....well we would have except the weather was not co-operative. Yes, while their Muslim brothers are throwing Molatov cocktails around in the Middle East, American muslims are staying home today because they are afraid of getting wet! The expected 2000 pissed off Muslims has apparently dwindled to 35 soggy Doner Kebab vendors who were set to make a few images of G.Washington by feeding their hungry bretheren. Looks like the war on Tabouli and Hummos continues!


As part of the blogosphere I have made some contacts in Washington who have been able to give me some background on Ted Stevens. Few people are able to bring this type of information to you....but I will.

1.) If you wake up in the morning it is because Ted Stevens lets you wake up.

2.) 1.6 Billion Chinese people are at war with Senator Stevens. Washington insiders see this as an unfair fight...the Chinese need another 100 million or so to even it up.

3.) When the boogie man goes to bed at night he checks the closet for Ted Stevens.

4.)The honorable gentleman from Alaska once won a game of Rock, paper, Scissors using neither Rock, Paper or Scissors.

5.)When Jesus died it took him 3 days to return from his grave, it took Ted less than an hour...he's done this twice.

Thanks to Mike from the Metropolitans for this amazing insight.