Sunday, April 30, 2006

Snow Job

Sooooooo we finally see what we have know since its inception, Fox News is the propaganda arm of the Nazi, err, umm, I mean Republican Party. Don't believe me? Then why is Joseph Goebbels Jr. being promoted to Whitehouse spokesman?

But strangely this Snowman has criticized the Bush regime in the past. Some of his better comments have been;

George Bush has become something of an embarrassment.

the president doesn’t seem to mean what he says.

George W. Bush stunned a friendly audience by barking out absurd and inappropriate words, like a soul tortured with Tourette’s.

The English Language has become a minefield for the man, whose malaprops make him the political heir not of Ronald Reagan, but Norm Crosby.

Seems strange that Bush would want to hire this guy for the job of 'Head Disinformation Disseminator.' It would really make a thinking person wonder if the real architect behind this is not the 'soul tortured with tourette's' but actually the real President, evil Dick????

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Real Americans

Coming home on MetroNorth from class on Wednesday evening andI saw the Americans I thought I would meet before I came to America. A little boy, maybe 2nd or 3rd grade, was travelling with who I assume was his older brother. The train (probably because of the $72.89 per gallon gas prices) was packed and the boys were sitting next to me on the floor where I was standing. The little guy pulled out his homework and started to do his math. About 10 minutes in and he was struggling and looked to his big brother to give him a helping hand. Unfortunately, big bro' was no assistance at all...then the real America stepped in. A man dressed in a suit and reading the Wallstreet Journal bent over and helped the little guy out with the tough question. Next question same result except another man lent a helping hand. In all about 90% of this boys homework was worked out by 6 or 7 total strangers and I have to admit i was pretty impressed that so many people were willing to help this little guy with his problems. This is the America I was impressed with when I was a child growing up in Scotland and Australia. The America that would happily reach out and help the little guy.


Friday, April 28, 2006

Those Were The Days My Friends....

I have to give my friend, Catherine Skelly, over at Cynical Streak a huge 'tip o the hat.' Her short video is absolutely brilliant, even if she won't admit that it.

Take a look at this, it is worth your time.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

!!!!!! NEWSFLASH !!!!!!

It has come to my attention (through Lee) that Senator Theodore Stevens (R-AK) maybe on the verge of retirement! Yes, I know you are as shocked and upset as I am. I will look deeply into this breaking news.

One thing is for sure, Women, Men and children will be in tears across the country tomorrow if this dreadful news turns out to be correct.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I Ride The Rails

One benefit of catching MetroNorth to class three times per week is the rail journey along the majestic Hudson River. Those lucky (this kind of lucky) enough to have waterfront property may take this for granted but it is truly spectacular to travel 30 or so miles south along it.

However, I worry about the Hudson line because of global warming. What has global warming got to do with a river?????? The Hudson is effected by tides, it is estuarial. When the tide rises out past the Verazano straights, water backs up for over 100 miles upstream. What all this means is that as global warming melts more and more of the worlds glaciers and icecaps and as the oceans of the world warm up and expand they will combine to form a giant liquid dam. This dam will cause increasing amounts of water to back up the Hudson.

The most appealling part of the Hudson line train service is that the train literally rides inches above the mean waterline. So one day as I'm heading down the line to the incredible Micah Sifrey University my train will be terminally delayed due to water covering the tracks.

Monday, April 24, 2006

More Recent Picture of Lee Raymond

The picture I posted earlier is a few years out of date and I thought I'd update his picture.

Lee, dude, you are really looking good.

Why It Costs $5,000 To Drive To Work

Just running through the family finances for the month when I came across the figure 'commutation.' Besides the $100 per month for train tickets to get to school, my wife and me spend roughly $325 per month on gasoline. Yes, gas, petrol, fuel, go-go juice - call it whatever you want but holy shit its expensive! And it maybe because of the holy shit that it its so expensive, the whole Iran hating Israel and developing nuclear weapons has the boys down at 1 North End Avenue nervous.

But I really don't care why gas is $3.10 per gallon today, I just want it back to $1.10! Of course ex-CEO of Exxon Mobil doesn't really care about the price of gas. After years of happily gouging us at the gas pump he has cashed in his chips and taken a golden parachute to the tune of $400 million! Now we see why gas is so friggin high...its to pay off this jerk!

Monday, April 17, 2006

A Recent Picture of Sue Kelly.

Just thought I'd do a little more background on my Rep., Sue Kelly. Hmm? Strange, wonder why she would refuse to provide citizens and constituants with the thoughts behind her voting record? Guess it must be because she is a mindless party-line voter.

I feel cheated having a Dalek for a rep. This is what I found without even trying to dig;



Major News Organizations
and key national leaders of both parties including,

John McCain, Republican Senator
Geraldine Ferraro, Former Democratic Congresswoman
Michael Dukakis, Former Democratic Governor
Bill Frenzel, Former Republican Congressman
Richard Kimball, Project Vote Smart President

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Will the real Sue Kelly Please Shut Up!

Just thought I'd do a little background on Sue Kelly just as i'm sure my American friends do frequently with their respective congressfolk. When all of a sudden i found this interesting little website:

Sue Kelly is the DEVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More on Satan to come, stay tuned fellow blogspherists.

And then I said....

Since I received a polite if somewhat bland and non-commited letter from my representative, I thought i'd write back:

Representative Kelly i am aware of your need to remain neutral in your comments on Indian Point especially in consideration of the number of jobs that could be lost if or when the plant is closed. I am also keenly aware of the political power wielded by the nuclear energy industry that can be a great aid in a re-election campaign or a great hindrance if you are facing an opponent with their backing. However, I am concerned with the lack of pro-active language in your reply and resorting to non-committing rhetoric.

Having recently completed a year long comprehensive study of the safety record of Indian Point, demographic attributes of the area surrounding the plant and the inadequacies of emergency evacuation plans, I have come to the conclusion that Indian Point must be closed.

Under ideal conditions and a major unexpected action at Indian Point, an area from New York City to Boston could become uninhabitable for 80,000 years. "It couldn't happen here..." That is what the technicians said hours before 3 Mile Island nearly irradiated much of the Eastern seaboard.

You Ms. Kelly are the representative for the people of New York's 19Th Congressional district and the people of this district expect that you will do your utmost to ensure their safety. You are running out of time to choose your position, are you with the people or are you supporting the nuclear industry? It will soon become evident that you can't sit on the fence nor have a foot in both camps.

As an avid on-line political blogger I will be posting your correspondence on my own blog as well as forwarding it to several dozen highly frequented blogs. We all will be waiting to see how quickly you choose your position.

Scott D. Richmond

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

How far Left is Too Far Left?

Big shout out to my compatriot Lee from

On Lee's suggestion i took a quick tour of Advocates for Self-Government. Well worth a visit if you want to quickly see where you stand on the political scale.

Here are my scores, let me know yours:

Your PERSONAL issues Score is 100%.
Your ECONOMIC issues Score is 20%.

I make Ted Kennedy look like a member of the Hitler Youth (look it up before emailing me).

Circle the Wagons!

I'm getting a little worried about one of my neighbors. I was under the impression that Native Americans had been herded into reservations out in the plain states or systematically 'cleansed' by heroes such as George Custer. However, here I sit looking at the ethereal glow coming from 2 miles down the Hudson River the Bejesus is scared out of me. The testing of the 'accident' sirens has my adrenal gland pumping just as I'm sure the beating of drums raised the hair of early pioneers in the west.

So, being a 'pro-active' kind of demi-god, I did what all of you mortals would do, I sent a letter to my Congressional Representative. Sue Kelly
is George Bush's man in my neck of the woods, yup she is a Republican.

Anyway I got this back:

"Rep. Sue Kelly"

April 12, 2006

Dear Scott:

Thank you for contacting me with your concerns about Indian

My top focus on Indian Point will always be the safety of our
communities. I'm working hard to press the federal government
to do everything it possibly can to protect public safety.

Following a tour of the plant earlier this year, I called for the
Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to conduct a thorough
Independent Safety Assessment (ISA) at Indian Point. While I saw
some promising examples of progress at the plant, I believe a
detailed safety appraisal will better assure us that potential
problems at the aging plant are identified and corrected before they
present a risk to the public. I was joined in my call for an ISA in
February by other members of the area's Congressional delegation,
and we will continue to urge the NRC to provide us with the safety
assurances that we deserve. I'm also pressing the NRC and the
EPA for answers about how the spent fuel pool leak will be
stopped and how its contaminants will be cleaned up.

We also have to keep working to improve the emergency plans for
Indian Point. On March 22nd, I brought the Department of
Homeland Security and the NRC to the Town of Cortlandt to meet
with state and local officials so that federal officials would better
understand our deep concerns with the current emergency plans.
As you probably know, FEMA has continued to certify the
emergency plans despite the problems identified by the Witt
Report and despite opposition from New York state and the
executives from Westchester, Rockland and Orange counties. The
meeting was an important step in trying to resolve our long-
standing local concerns, but we still have a long ways to go. We
received commitments from participants to conduct another
summit later this year.

Please know that I remain focused on doing everything I possibly
can to make sure that Indian Point is run as safe as possible and
ensure that the surrounding communities have the resources they
need for emergency preparedness.

Once again thank you for contacting me. Please feel free to
contact me whenever I can be of assistance.

Sue Kelly
Member of Congress

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

!!!!!!!!! WE WON !!!!!!!!!!

Finally we see the turning of the tide against the Corporo-Facist interests! Our French bretheren have stood strong against the ever creeping dominion of corporate greed. Today Jacques Chirac announced the end of the Youth-Labor Law.

Now there will be those out there who will decry this as a 'socialist' move or being against the best interest of the French nation. I ask them:

How is it against the nations interest when 5% of the population were actively opposing the introduction of the law? 3 million French marched, set fire to cars and generally had a great time.

Putting this in perspective, to match the same rate of participation in the U.S. would require 15 million protesters.

Falling George

Many of us would like to see this happen. Is he falling faster than his poll numbers? That hardly seems possible does it?

Saturday, April 08, 2006

The French, A Cynical Wench and Gallic Sense.

A fellow colleague of mine (by the way, only one n in damnation Catherine)has recently poured scorn on the curent youth rioting in France. For an American to comment on the French is funny but when it comes from a corporate schill it is hilarious! Few Americans an possibly hope to understand the French mentality and I expect no one who works in the financial sector to understand the French mentality of:

I work to live, not live to work.

In France this and this, some of this, lots of this leads to this. To the French this, this and especially this leads to an early one of these.

The French do not care about investment from overseas, they are one of the largest investors in companies around the globe. Overall they have the 6th largest economy in the world. In 2003 France sunk more investment into America than any other country except Great Britain. Do they care if American cash doesn't flow their way?

Who is really angry about youth riots in France? Seemingly not the French.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Well Worth Your Time, Apparently I'm Ghandi!

It takes 5 minutes to do the survey but Ted Stevens guarantees you
will spend hours thinking about the results.


Farewell Cassius, well not quite.

It would seem that 'the hammer' will pound no more. After years of fine service in the United States Congress, Representative Thomas Dale Delay (R-TX) has decided to hang up his spurs. Delay has served the people of Texas's 22nd Congressional district since 1986. Perhaps he should have remembered the old adage "those who live by the hammer, get hammered by those who he hammered." He was tagged as 'the hammer' because of his continual pounding on the political opposition be they recalcitrant Republicans or 'evil' Democrats.

"...and with this good sword,
That ran through Caesar's bowels, search this bosom.
Stand not to answer: here, take thou the hilts;
And, when my face is cover'd, as 'tis now,
Guide thou the sword."

Ever read Julius Caesar? Cassius is the power behind the assassination of Caesar; "A shrewd opportunist, he proves successful but lacks integrity." Hmm, who does this sound like? And like Cassius, 'the hammer' didn't have the 'ferocitas' or courage to throw himself on his own sword (as Brutus did) on defeat. No Cassius had his slave disembowel him while it seems several Republicans have lined up to aid the hammer's speedy demise.